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Are You looking for an experienced Cobol programmer? Here You are.

I'm a freelance programmer with years of experience in programming IBM mainframes using Cobol, Assembler, DB2, IMS, CICS, etc. I did conceptional work, data modeling, coding, testing and tuning.

Furthermore I have some knowledge about Linux and programming with C++ including the usual developement tools.

And what I like best is the Go programming language.


September 2021 :
The Go package "livedb" together with the code generator "generatelivetab" provide an API to consistently manage historic data in relational database tables.

August 2021 : All german translations updated for Go 1.17.
Most relevant: Go-Sprachbeschreibung.

November 2020 : Internationalisation.
Package "mistake" together with the commands "l10n" and "l10nextract" help localizing error messages. Here is a 2015 explanation how that works in principle.)

November 2019 :
" Grugen " is a Go code generator that implements a control break logic.

And ... still waiting for a publisher :
" Die Programmiersprache Go " is a german translation of " The Go Programming Language " by Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan.